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🚹 Male
📆 1 year
🐈 Domestic

🩺 Stray
📖 Alan had been wandering the streets of Hochelaga for a short time. Being a little glutton, it was quite easy to get him into a trap cage.

💉 Care included: cardiac echography, full exam, internal and external antiparasitic treatments, basic vaccines and boosters, leukemia vaccine and booster, rabies vaccine, microchip, neutering, blood work, FIV/FeLV test.

💲 Adoption fees:
⛔ Declawing is prohibited
✨ Type of family preferred:

⚠ Alan has a heart scan scheduled for January 8, 2022, at our expense. If it turns out that he has a heart disease, the adoption fees will be reimbursed.

👤 Adaptability to strangers: Medium, he is curious.

🏠 Adaptability in a new environment: Medium, he took less than 2 weeks to adapt.

🐈 Adaptability towards cats: High

🐕 Adaptability towards dogs: High

👶 Adaptability towards children: Not tested

🌳 Attraction to the outdoors: High, he goes between legs and stays near doors. You’ll have to be careful !

🚽 Potty training: Acquired, he uses paper litter.

🎵 Vocalization: Alan loves to talk to humans.

🐾 Claw trimming: Difficult, you will need to make it a positive exprerience and to teach him where he can make his claws.

⚾ Level of activity and play: Alan loves to play ! Whether it’s chasing balls, jumping on counters or playing with feathers, he’s got it covered.

💕 Affection: Alan is very affectionate. He will climb on top of you while you watch TV and will asks for A LOT of cuddles.

🍖 Food: He is very foodie. He’ll try to steal your plate, you’ll have to be careful !