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♂️ Male
📆 1 year
🧬 Hoarding situation

💉 Care included: antiparasitic treatment (for intestinal and external parasites), basic vaccine and booster, rabies vaccine, neutering, microchip, FIV/FeLV test. Complete medical file provided.

💸 Adoption fees: None
⛔️ Declawing is prohibited

IMPORTANT – Emile Nelligan has several health issues to consider. Please read the entire description carefully.

🔸 Adaptability to strangers: Low, he hides whenever there are visitors

🔹 Adaptability in a new environment: Low, it takes him a few weeks before being comfortable in his environment

🔸 Adaptability towards cats: High

🔹 Adaptability towards dogs: High

🔸 Adaptability towards children: Not-tested

🔹 Attraction to the outdoors: Low

🔸 He’s litter-trained.

🔹 He “chirps” very often!

🔸 Clipping his claws is difficult.

🔹 Emile has his moments of play but he’s generally a quiet cat. He likes to look outside the window and play with his friend Leo.

🔸 Emile is a very affectionate kitty. He follows us everywhere around the house (including the bathroom! and sleeps on our lap. He likes to weave around your legs and comes when you call him.

🔹 He’s not a big eater and only eats his kibbles.

Emile Nelligan comes from a situation of neglect. He was in very poor health when we got him and came very close to be euthanized. Fortunately, we investigated his condition further and he’s now doing much better and looks like a very normal little cat!
🔸 Emile suffers from a renal disease of unknown nature. He’s stable for now but his condition could deteriorate at any time.
🔹 His life expectancy is unknown at the moment.
🔸 Blood tests and a urinalysis must be performed every 6 months at our vet to ensure his condition remains stable.
🔹 He’s currently taking medication once a day, every day (approx. $50/month).
🔸 He’ll have to eat specialized vet food for the rest of his life.
🔹 If his condition deteriorates, an abdominal ultrasound will be necessary, so you must budget accordingly (approx. $600).

We are therefore looking for a family willing to give our adorable little lemon a chance. A family at ease financially who will be able to offer him the king’s life he deserves.