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frais adoption

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frais adoption



🚺 Female
📆 4 months
🧬 Hoarding situation

📖 Story : Feline Dion was rescued from a house along with more than 30 other cats and kittens. Completely feral and terrorized by people, her foster family worked very hard to build her confidence.

💉 Care included: antiparasitic treatment (for intestinal and external parasites), basic vaccine and booster, rabies vaccine, spaying, microchip, FIV/FeLV test. Complete medical file provided and 14-day health guarantee.

💸 Adoption fees: $300
⛔️ Declawing is prohibited

✨ Families who already have one or more cats will be prioritized.

🔹 Adaptability to strangers: Low. Feline is shy and doesn’t appreciate visitors all that much!

🔸 Adaptability in a new environment: Medium. She takes about 2 weeks to adapt to her environment.

🔹 Adaptability towards cats: High.

🔸 Adaptability towards dogs: Not tested.

🔹 Adaptability towards children: Medium. Feline tolerates children but doesn’t go near them. A family without young kids is essential because she’s also scared of sudden movements.

🔸 Attraction to the outdoors: Medium. She’s curious but doesn’t try to run away. She loves to look out the window. A cat tree close to a window would really make her happy!

🔹 She’s litter-trained and used to gravel litter.

🔸 Feline does not vocalize much.

🔹 It’s quite easy to cut her claws at home when you give her time to get used to you.

🔸 Feline Dion is very playful and active. She looooves balls!

🔹 Feline has come a long way. She’s now very affectionate with her foster mom but she was the most timid kitten of the house when we took her in. A period of adaptation will certainly be necessary. Once out of her shell, she rolls over in your lap and will do anything to get your attention!

🔸 She’s a little pig who’s also interested in table food!