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Our organization promotes responsible adoption.What is responsible adoption exactly?

It is an adoption based on careful consideration, weighing the pros and cons, leaving nothing to chance.Responsible adoption means:
– Adopting a pet according to its temperament and its needs
– Being ready to take care of the animal for the next 10 to 15 years
– Being ready to financially assume any and all expenses related to that animal (material, food, basic care, grooming, etc.)
– Being aware that the animal can become ill, get injured, will get old and being able to offer it the necessary medical care knowing that these costs increase rapidly
– Being aware of the needs of your chosen breed, the time needed to take care of an animal, and that a solution must be found for when you go on vacation
– Being aware that it is a living being that may have and/or develop behavioural issues and that it’s your duty to resolve them, with help if necessaryResponsible adoption does NOT mean:
– Adopting because it’s just so cute you fell in love
– Adopting without having the slightest idea of the animal’s temperament, behaviour and needs
– Adopting impulsively because you want it nowOur animals only become available for adoption once they are completely recovered.

They never leave until they’ve received all the care they need.Once they’re ready, they are posted on social media and on our website.

We then follow a strict process:

– An adoption form must be completed. The answers are matched against the physical and psychological needs of that specific animal.
– If your family seems to be a good fit for the animal, a phone interview will take place.
– Finally, we’ll organize a meeting between your family, the animal and one of our volunteers.There’s no free pass, no exception.

Our animals are living beings with their individual needs, and it is important for us to ensure that all of their needs are met.