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All monetary contributions directly help the animals, whether to pay their veterinary bills or their food, accessories (bowls, beds, collars, etc.) and basic care products (shampoo, ear cleaner, etc.)


We allocate donations from our various fundraisers based on the cases we have, but you can also donate to a specific animal through our fundraisers.

Being the only charity organization specializing in abandoned animals with medical conditions, our veterinary expenses are often very high, and it is thanks to monetary contributions that we can successfully heal our four-legged friends.

We often deal with heavy cases, as they represent a considerable financial investment, especially for a rescue, but that’s not something we shy away from. As long as the animal is doing well and has a good quality of life, we’ll utterly refuse to give up. However, we are against any form of therapeutic obstinacy. The animal’s well-being is always our sole concern.

Other ways to help us

If you have a soft spot for one of our protégés, you can also become its godmother / godfather (sponsor) until it gets adopted. As a sponsor, you’ll be entitled to exclusive news from your furry godchild and be the first to be informed when it’s adopted.

Another way to help us is by becoming a foster family. Foster families provide a normal family environment for our animals, which helps us to know their behavior and find the ideal family for them.

Every contribution helps us enormously, even the smallest of amounts. You can help us in many ways:

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Cheque : contact us for the address.