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All monetary contributions directly help the animals, whether to pay their veterinary fees, their food, accessories (bowls, cushions, necklaces, etc.) and basic care products (shampoo, ear cleaner, etc.)


We distribute donations for our different fundraisers, depending on the cases we have, but you can also donate to a specific animal via our fundraisers.

Being the only non-profit organization specializing in abandoned animals with medical conditions, our veterinary fees are often very high and monetary contributions are our way to successfully heal our four-legged friends.

We often take heavy cases, since the financial investment is not negligible, especially for a rescue, but we do not retreat from this aspect. Indeed, as long as the animal is well and has a good quality of life, we categorically refuse to let go. However, we are not in any way of medical relentlessness. The well-being of the animal is our only concern.

Other ways to help us

If you have one of our proteges at heart, you can also become his godfather until the adoption. By being a sponsor, you will be entitled to exclusive news from our protégé and you will be the first to be informed when it is adopted.

If you want to help us in another way, you can also become a foster family. Foster families provide a normal family environment for our animals, which helps us to know their behavior and find the ideal family for them.

Every contributions help us enormously, regardless of the amount. You can help us in many ways:

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Cheque : contact us for the address.