Gandalf’s Spay and Neuter Clinic


The Aristopaws have rescued many stray cats over the past few years. Rescuing cats from the streets is great, but preventing them from reproducing and being born outside by solving the problem at the source is even better!

The Aristopaws are proud to announce the development of the organization’s first community project that will launch this spring!

The project: The Aristopaws’ spay and neuter clinic for stray cats. With the organization’s first spay and neuter clinic for stray cats, the large family of The Aristopaws will help reduce the number of kittens born on the street in 2022.

The objective: Raise $5,000 to spay and neuter over 100 stray cats.


I want to support The Aristopaws’ spay and neuter clinic for stray cats:

The Aristopaws will be recruiting volunteers to participate in spay/neuter days. You don’t have to be a veterinarian or animal health technician, if you are motivated and committed, we want you on the team! You’d like to give us a paw? Sign up for our newsletter and be informed first