The Orphanage

TThe Tibbers Orphanage came into being following the death of our mascot, Princess Tibbers, to honor her memory.


The Orphanage takes in orphaned kittens and puppies under 12 weeks old.

This little orphan will be weaned, treated, dewormed, vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped and tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS before being placed for adoption. Obviously, it will also be treated if it is sick.

Each animal can be followed via  the Orphanage’s Facebook page

The animals are placed in foster homes in order to be weaned and educated. They are then placed for adoption, according to their development.


Kittens can be adopted from the age of 10 weeks, if they will be with an adult cat.

Puppies can leave only once they have reached 12 weeks.

You can always sponsor our orphans or you can also donate to help us with their everyday needs!

If you wish, you can also become a foster family.