Bandana Eco-Mystery


We are presenting the Eco-Mystery collection!

When you buy an Eco-Mystery bandana, you’re helping the organization AND the planet!

Each of the products in this collection is made with fabrics from scraps or obsolete collections.
This means you avoid using new materials and also help reduce fabric waste.

The product you receive will be… a mystery!

Since the products will vary, it will be impossible to make individual collections, so we’ve found a way to bring these great fabrics to you, with a bit of intrigue.

Plus, each product will be unique, just like your pet!
100% of the profits from this collection will go directly to the organization

You want to make a difference for our animals and help our beautiful planet?
Then an Eco-Mystery bandana is the perfect way! Each bandana is machine washable and air dryable.

The exact composition of your fabrics will be sent to you with your bandana, as there may be variations.

Free tracking number on all orders of $50+ (bandanas + scrunchies only)

Created by Marmisso


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XSmall short hair – max 15cm, XSmall long hair – max 15cm, Small short hair – max 30cm, Small long hair – max 30cm, Medium short hair – max 45cm, Medium long hair – max 45cm, Large short hair – max 60cm, Large long hair – max 60cm, XLarge short hair – max 75cm, XLarge long hair – max 75cm


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