Stray animal

• We only take in animals with health problems. It is therefore impossible for us to take in an animal that is abandoned for a move, lack of time or allergies, for example.
• The animal must have a good long-term prognosis if it receives the necessary care. We are against therapeutic obstinacy.
• Once your animal has been entrusted to our organization, you will NOT be able to regain it or adopt it back. An abandonment contract will be signed with you.
• The animal will be put for adoption once it is back on its feet. You will not be able to hear from it.
• Depending on our budget and available places, we reserve the right to transfer the animal to another trusted organization or to work as a team with one of them.
• The animal must have been seen by a veterinarian (at least for an exam) and the medical record must be provided to us. This allows us to know if we can offer quality care to the animal and also allows us to check with our vets what are the options for them.


Example of what we take in :

• Foreign bodies
• Wounds
• Pyometra (infection of the uterus)
• Malformations / amputations
• Parvovirus
• Cranial trauma
• Dystocia (difficulty birth)
• Infections
• Puppies / Kittens less than 6 weeks old
• Intoxications
• Fractures
• Etc.


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