🐾 BERLIN / AVAILABLE 🐾 🚹 Male 📆 Approximately 3 years old 🐈 Domestic cat 🩺 Stray 📖 Berlin was found stray in Quebec city. He was skinny and the two women who took care of him were scared that he [...]


 FOIN / AVAILABLE  Female  9 years  Domestic  Closing of illegal shelter  We took Foin when an illegal shelter was closed down. Her foster family from this rescue contacted us to take her in [...]


 TESLA / AVAILABLE  Female  10 year  Siamese Transfer from the SPCA   Tesla was abandoned at the Montreal SPCA due to vomiting. She was transferred to us so that we could investigate the cause. [...]


 MUSCADE / AVAILABLE   Femelle  2 ans  Domestic  Closing of illegal shelter  We took Muscade when an illegal shelter was closed down and all the animals were transferred to us. Very shy, Muscade [...]

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