Become a temporary foster family

You are searching for the perfect companion? You want to save lives but lack the resources to do so? You wish to adopt but aren’t sure what you’re looking for?


By becoming a temporary foster family, you welcome a pet in your house and care for it, and we take care of the rest! We only ask you to love and take good care of our little protégé!


As our organization has no structure to accommodate animals, we are in desperate need of temporary foster families to house them before they are adopted. Becoming a temporary foster family is very rewarding because you contribute directly to saving lives. You will also have priority in the adoption of your protégé, because we want our animals to be moved as little as possible for their well-being!

This approach allows:
– Getting to know the animal before adopting it.
– Placing the animal in a quiet environment better suited for its recovery.
– Saving an animal that could have ended up in a shelter, kennel or the SPCA.

The animals are placed in a foster family for an indefinite period because adoption time varies from one case to another. If for some serious reason the family can no longer keep the animal, we can relocate it. However, you’ll need to give us the necessary time to find a new foster family, which may take a while.


We always need foster families, that’s why all requests are carefully considered by a member of our team. Whatever your situation, if you are interested in the foster family program, fill out an application!

We try to place our animals in the family that suits them best. Since our animals all have different needs and behaviors, we may not have the right animal for you right away, but be patient because we will need you sooner or later!