The Sponsorship Program was created to help us cover the basic costs of the animals we take in until their care is complete and they are ready for adoption.

Basic costs include:
– Food
– Litter
– Equipment (leashes, collars, litter boxes)
– Drugs
– Grooming
– Basic care
– Follow up at the vet

The cost of this care is astronomical since we have more than one animal in our care at a time and because most of these animals have special needs.

Godfathers and godmothers therefore help us to cover these expenses, which not only allows us to have more funds to pay for important medical expenses, but also to take in more animals.

How does it work ?

– Each animal in our care is listed here.
– The number of godparents needed for the animal is based on the monthly cost of maintenance of the animal.
– The minimum donation per month to be part of the program is $10.
– All you have to do is click on the ”Subscribe” button to become a sponsor.
When the required monthly amount per animal is reached, the button disappears.
– Every month, on the same date, an automatic payment will be made via your Paypal account.
– The payment is automatically stopped when the animal is transferred.

The advantages ?

– The group of sponsors primarily serves as the organization’s “diary”. You’ll know everything that happens on a daily basis!
– You’ll get photos, videos and exclusive stories of our furry charges.
– You’ll know about our different projects, missions and more before everyone else and will be able to give your opinion!
– Various contests, surprises, gifts, etc. will be included over the weeks..
– We’ll introduce our new protégés to you first and you’ll have a special mission: to choose their name!
– Thanks to your monthly donations, we can provide our animals with the very best in terms of basic care, medical follow-ups, food and accessories.